Why Invest With Churchill? 

Private Commercial Real Estate Is The Ultimate Alternative Asset Class

Our track record speaks for itself. Over the past 40 years we have established a reputation for professional asset and property management excellence. This has allowed us to attract a diverse range of investors and build a loyal client base. It is a source of great pride to us that sixty per cent of our clients are repeat investors in several of our funds.

Ethics & Integrity

Ethics And Integrity – Rare Qualities In Today’s World

Churchill and its Management Team have earned a well-deserved reputation for ethics and integrity. This excellent reputation, built over 40 years of successful investing, has allowed us to forge a unique and long term relationship with our investors, operating partners, real estate brokers, bankers and finance companies. We regard these relationships as a core asset and Churchill strives to meet and exceed investors’ expectations through dedication, commitment, persistence, hard work, and diligent attention to detail.


Since 1970, the Principals of Churchill International Property Corporation have acquired, financed, developed and successfully sold a portfolio of real estate assets with a combined value of over $1 Billion. By investing with Churchill, individual investors benefit from economies of scale and the breadth of industry knowledge and insight of senior management. Individual investors do not bear the full costs associated with real estate due diligence, including engineering reports, market studies, appraisals, financial audits, legal analyses and mortgage financing.

Track Record

Churchill has established a proven track record of investing in quality commercial real estate and providing consistent cash flow and capital appreciation to its investors.  With an average IRR of 14.1% on completed funds, our performance on realized investments has been exceptional. The internal rates of return and whole dollar profits realized by our investors compare favorably to any other investment vehicle.

Aligned Interests

A central tenet of Churchill’s philosophy is to ensure the interests of our executive management and our investors are optimally aligned and well protected. Historically, all of our funds have been structured to incentivize maximum investor returns via an incentive management interest. In order to receive this carried interest, the manager must first return to investors all of their original equity, as well as an agreed-upon rate of return (“preferred return”). Any profits above and beyond this hurdle are typically allocated on a 75/25 split – 75% to the investors and 25% to the manager. This ensures we are always motivated to grow and enhance the value of the assets and achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.

Preservation of Capital

Preservation of Capital is “The Golden Rule”

Having acquired and successfully sold over $1 billion worth of investment real estate we are proud of the fact that we have never lost a single dollar of investor capital. Each of our funds has generated a positive financial return to our investors, net of costs/fees.

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